RETROGAMECON in one week, boys

TIME FOR the last convention I’m attending this year, and that’s RetroGameCon. RetroGameCon is a two day long convention taking place in Syracuse, NY, and it’s going to be WILD. I’m so excited.

They have a great lineup of guests, performances, panels, and wow, GAMES. Also their VIP package looks really rad and it’s really, really affordable. AND PLUS, VIDEOGAMES??!??!?! Basically just check out their panel schedule for an example of the badassery to come: 14725567_1111359928941329_6782145254122844347_n

Not only is this the last convention to meet me at this year, but!! It’s the first convention EVER where I’m on a panel – WOOOOOO!! Hear me talk about things!! Here’s the panel details:


Join Shane Luis of Rerez, Kevin Manne of Buffalo Pinball, Jennard Robinson of Invisible Cat Patrol, and T.O. Massey of Headcolors TV as they ask the question: “Is “New Retro” Good for Retro Gaming?” This team of panelists will cover various aspects of “New Retro” in gaming, from retro influences on indie gaming to the resurgence of the video arcade, as they try to figure out how all of this affects the market of our beloved hobby.

Okay, is that exciting or what?!?! I’m losing my mind I’m so excited. Basically be there, because I can’t wait.

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