anime: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Happy Waifu Wednesday to you, and in celebration of that I’m going to tell you about my new favorite anime:



Yeah. It’s that extreme. It’s about butt fights. And boob fights. Is that not all you need to know to know it’s the best anime ever?


Keijo is a female-only sport where you attack on a platform called a Land, which is basically like a little floating stage. You can ONLY attack with your boobs or your butt, and only your feet can touch the land. Once you fall on the land or in the water, you lose. It’s a very competitive sport, and there’s riches and glory involved when you win and become the best Keijo player, and that’s what the main character is after.

b032b980413869bdcceec9f12d74140d1463413941_fullI am really surprised with how in depth they went showing off the different strategies for Keijo in the first two episodes alone. Hearing the plot, you’d expect something really stupid and made without effort to just be fanservice, and oh, there’s DEFINITELY FANSERVICE. But yeah. The story is actually interesting, the characters are in-depth and loveable, and the animation style is BANANAS. It’s really good. It looks better than Sailor Moon Crystal. It looks better than a lot of anime.

How does someone become the best Keijo player? You get accepted to a very exclusive school for Keijo, of course. We get to follow main character Nozomi Kaminashi in her quest to become the richest Keijo player as she attends this school. She has a friend, quiet Sayaka Miyata who is apparently already pretty good at Keijo because the reporters were after her at the beginning of the school year. They both share a room with two other girls, one of them who was too shy to talk but manages to communicate with ponytail movements (which, communicating with ponytail twitches was pretty much the most unbelievable thing in the show to me) I’m not going to spoil any more, they’re only on episode 4 so you definitely have time to catch up. Keijo is available on Crunchyroll, and it’s SO GOOD.

My new waifu???
My new waifu???

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  1. The anime industry should seriously consider the depraved direction its heading towards. Theres just no room in this plot for girls with glorious flat chest


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