Not All Beer and Skittles: Summer is Kind of a Bummer

Hey all, another old mix for you that is my perpetual hell at the moment. I’m not trying to brag here because, actually I hate it, but living in So Cal destroys me because I miss Fall/Winter. Forever summer is just not for me. I miss Colorado very much, although I guess it’s nice to not be freezing cold.

01. Grimes – Vanessa
02. Zola Jesus – Hikikomori
03. Blue Hawaii – Katie
04. James Blake – Unluck
05. Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices
06. Perfume Genius – Normal Song
07. Beirut – In the Mausoleum
08. Neutral Milk Hotel – Oh Comely
09. Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom
10. Woods – Holes
11. Youth Lagoon – Afternoon
12. BRAiDS – Same Mum
13. Dirty Beaches – A Hundred Highways
14. Big Troubles – Drastic and Difficult
15. The Growlers – Sunset Girl
16. The Spinto Band – Summer Grof

See what I did there? It got happy for a second.. HAH. These will continue coming every Monday and Friday until I run out of backlog mixes.

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