Not All Beer and Skittles: Welcome to the Mushroom Singdom

HELLO, THIS IS MIX. THIS MIX OLD, ENJOY ANYWAY. The Mushroom Singdom title was inspired by Jonathan Mann. This being one of the older mixes I made it’s only 10 tracks. All vidiya game related.

01. Jonathan Mann – We Didn’t Push the Pixels
02. Keith Apicary – Dreamcast 2
03. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Proto Culture
04. MC Chris – Kingdom Farts
05. The Advantage – Ducktails Moon Song
06. The Advantage – Kraid’s Lair
07. Jonathan Mann – The Pong Song
08. Jose Gonzalez – Far Away
09. Anamanaguchi – Another Winter
10. The Lonely Island – Incredibad

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