Chase Con Cosplay Lineup!

Heya! So I am going to Chase Con in Saratoga, New York, this weekend!
I am so excited! Chase Con is a small convention, but it is still awesome and fun.

On Saturday, rather than an actual cosplay, I will be dressing as one of my favorite Japanese fashion styles: Oshare Kei. This is not only a fashion style but also a music style. Bands like “Dog in the PWO” and “LM.C” are Oshare Kei bands. Oshare Kei is, in general, comprised of pastel, funky hair and cutesy things but often mixed with darker / edgy themes.








On Sunday I will be cosplaying Meliodas (from the anime and manga “Seven Deadly Sins”). This cosplay I made entirely myself. I also cosplayed him at AAC.

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