even more NYCC 2016 photos!

YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE!! I’m not!!!! Here’s some random photos from NYCC of the show floor and various cosplayers I thought were really cool! Selfies, cosplayers, pics of friends, a good time!! It’s all here!! Enjoy!!

img_0224 img_0225 img_0226 img_0228 img_0229 img_0230 img_0233 img_0237 img_0241 img_0245 img_0244 img_0248 img_0250 img_0254 img_0275 img_0279

img_0283 img_0287 img_0291 img_0296img_0305 img_0306 img_0310 img_0314 img_0350 img_0351 img_0352 img_0354 img_0357 img_0361 img_0365 img_0369 img_0373 img_0376 img_0380 img_0384 img_0386 img_0390 img_0394 img_0419

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