Not All Beer and Skittles: Ate Opponents Brains, and Inventented Cocaine

Welcome back to another Not All Beer and Skittles Mix, this one was made all the way back in 2011. Excuse if there are repeats from previous mixes here, I kinda lose track of what goes on what. Especially when it’s an archived mix, either way hopefully you all enjoy it! This one is similar to my “Chillen With My Peeps and My Main Man The Monarch” Mix. One I had actually sent out to friends with printed tracklists and all that. I probably still have a few, but who wants a cd anymore? anyway there’s joke tracks on here so, sorry for my goofs.

01. MiCrow Jupiter – Oh Hai
02. Jeans Wilder – International Waters
03. Adventure – Smoke and Mirrors
04. Ganglians – Never Mind
05. Tim and Eric – Petit Feet
06. The Growlers – Nosebleed Sun
07. Nerve City – Sleepwalker
08. Toro y Moi – Miss Ya
09. Real Estate – Reservoir
10. Brad Neely – Washington
11. Wiz Khalifa – Hopes & Dreams
12. NazcarNation – Destiny Intro
13. Childish Gambino – I Be On That
14. The Babies – Meet Me in the City
15. Keith Apicary – Classic Gaming Wiz
16. PS I Love You – 2012
17. Coolrunnings – Brunettes
18. Wavves – Here’s to the Sun
19. Woods – I Get By
20. Minks – Funeral Song
21. Big Troubles – Georgia

There you have it! I’ll be posting these older mixes for a couple weeks just to get them out of the way while I work on new ones!

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