j3nnard’s NYCC schedule ~

Hey dudes!! This weekend is NYCC!! wild, right??! anyway, I’m always DOWN TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS, so I’m hoping some of you bump into me so we can take cool pics and high five. Also, I’ve got some pretty exciting interviews goin’ on this weekend, so if y’all have questions for any of these people, let me know!! Here’s my schedule!! (And Coty’s too, because he’s goin’ with) (And some of Keith, Kyle & Jereme’s, they’ll be there too!)

Wednesday 10/5:

I’ll be arriving!!! Probably sometime, haha. I’ll be attending the Shin Godzilla VIP Premiere so get ready for COOL POSTS about that!!! Oh, and thanks Funimation for the raddest invite ever!!

Thursday 10/6:

Wow, ok, pretty busy day. First of all, I get to meet Bruce Campbell and ask a few questions at around noon. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!! Hopefully I don’t get *too* much of Ash VS. Evil Dead spoiled for me. If anybody has questions for him, send em’ to meeee!!

Right after that, I get to go visit someone about a Yu Gi Oh game. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll spill details for all ya Yu Gi Oh lovers.

AND AFTER THAT, I get to chat with a developer of a new My Little Pony game ~ I LOVE EVERYTHING CUTE so this one should be fun!!

Last Thursday thing: A chat w/ DC Super Hero Girls writer Shea Fontana. I really love how cute that show looks? So hopefully should be super fun.

Friday 10/7

I FINALLY GET TO SEE MY FRIENDS!! Keith, Kyle & Jereme are showing up this day, so I’m spending most of it hanging with them.

I do have a few interviews though, so I’ll be a lil’ busy.

First one, 11 AM is Gerard Way’s press hour about DC’s Young Animals. Gunna’ show up early and pray to get in to ask some questions. WISH ME LUCK.

And then!! Hanging with the squad for a while before my Regular Show cast/Steven Universe cast hour at 4:15. Yay! Any questions for the cast or writers (JG Quintel & Rebecca Sugar) of both, LET ME KNOW!! GET AT ME ON TWITTER!!!

Kyle and Jereme are doing the Doctor Who photo shoots this day, so hopefully they have a badass time with that.

After that, maybe some more squad hangs then AFTER PARTIES?!?!?

Saturday 10/8

FINALLY, A CHILL DAY TO COSPLAY. I’ll be Padme this day ❤ Coty’s working really hard on stuff for that right now. He’s going to be Anakin. Woo. I’M EXCITED.

I do have one cool thing going on this day tho, and that’s a press hour with ALL THREE NEW POWERPUFF GIRLS!! Say what you want about the new show, I think it looks cute, little girls love it, and maybe the new voice cast/younger voice cast will influence young girls to get into cool stuff like voice acting and animation. I love it. I’m very excited.

I think that was it?? I am leaving Saturday night (NYC is exhausting, not to mention EXPENSIVE) so I’ll see you all when I get back!! Or there!! MEET ME!!!

Thanks for reading!!


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