paranormal: what the heck did I see the other day

If you follow me on twitter, here it is: me elaborating on that spooky tweet from the other night. The night that I was chillin’ outside of Coty’s parents house, in his jeep, with his puppy on my lap.

Basically, I’ll keep this short: I saw a thing, a big thing walk past Coty’s jeep. A human like thing, maybe? Now for context, Coty’s family home is in the middle of nowhere. It’s like, farm country. There’s a neighbor. But this thing wasn’t a person.

Coty took long enough in his house that his porch light turned off, but I didn’t mind because I was hanging out with his dog and getting tons of puppy kisses. But right after the porch light turned off, maybe 10-15 seconds after, a thing walked by really fast. Normally I’d blame that on the switch from light to dark, or my eyesight sucking, but I know his dog saw it too. At the same time, we both whipped our heads to the side of the jeep to look at it, and it quickly walked away. It was just a big slouching shadow, I guess. But his dog was SPOOKED. I tried looking behind the jeep but saw no person. Shortly after, I heard the neighbor’s dog barking (maybe he saw it too?) 

Coty came out of his house after a while, and let his dog out of the jeep and told him it was potty time, but the dog ran straight in the house. Coty said he never does that.

Anyway, never seen one like that before. Pretty spooky. 

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