collectibles: important barbies vol. 1

Ok. Let’s go back 20 years. I was an adorable girl growing up in the 90’s and a lover of glittery sequin-covered fashion. And the proud owner and friend of about 900 Barbies.

Was it really 900?? I don’t know. Probably close to 100 but in 6 yr old terms that means 900. It was a lot. I was spoiled. My parents gave me a whole playroom for my 900 Barbies, their accessories, homes, play sets and cars. I shared the play room with the other tiny humans in my family until my nephew moved into my Barbie room in the early 2000’s. The barbies stayed though, he just became Barbie’s roommate.

Anyway, a couple Barbies really stood out for me. Their outfits were memorable as hell and I hope I look as cool as they do. I’ve got some images here, unfortunately I don’t own my vast Barbie city anymore, so all these images I got from googling “cool Barbies”

 Here she is. Totally hair Barbie. LOOK AT HER HAIR. Her hair managed to stay crimped the entire time I owned her, which was probably like ten years, and I can’t even keep mine crimped for an afternoon. It just goes flat. She’s great.


Okay. She was a MUST OWN. Look at her cassette player. And she came with a cassette tape to play for real in my human sized cassette player. This is Workin’ Out Barbie, and you bet I know all the words to her song.

Oh man, I loved this one, I think I named her Wendy or something like that. Her bird sings when she holds it. Look at her cute dress.

Okay here’s an important one. She was a Valentine’s Day Barbie ❤️ Look how simple yet adorable her dress is. Wow.

AHH YES, my bath tub friend, Scuba Barbie. Her whale shoots water. I think she’s actually called like, sea world Barbie or something like that. Look at her whale. He smiles.

FAVORITE DRESS RIGHT HERE ON DREAM GLOW BARBIE. I think she’s one of the ones I inherited from an older sister when she got too old for Barbies. Look at her dress. Ugh. I want it in my size and I want to wear it every day.

Oh myyyyy goooooodness I had to have her because of her pink guitar. She reminds me of Jem 🙂 I don’t remember the name of this Barbie though.

This one smelled so good. Like guava maybe? She came with some kind of perfume.

YOU KNEW THE X-FILES ONES WOULD BE ON THIS LIST. And I actually just got these ones a few years ago, they’re safe on my shelf.

Movin’ Groovin’ Barbie. I BEGGED for her. Then when I finally got her, my sister made fart noises whenever I made her walk.

 Guess who wanted to be a ballerina when they were 5??? Me. So 5 year old me really liked this Barbie in particular. It was hard to change her clothes though, her outfit was so tight and she was so bendy.

  Ok so I had a tiny working washing machine to wash Barbie clothes in. I kinda wanna get one now to just wash socks in. I like tiny appliances.


Here it is. The large Barbie house I had. It’s the Barbie Pretty in Pink doll house. There wasn’t room for everyone so only the elite lived here. Wow,  I wish I still had this, because it would make a really cool bookshelf.

I had a weird obsession with VW bugs so my parents got me this purple one for my Barbies. It was great and actually really accurate to a real life Volkswagen Bug. Only seated 2 Barbies though, the back seated 2 Kellys.

Here it is!!!! The Barbie cafe where my plastic fam enjoyed plastic baked goods. This is a late 80’s Barbie playset so I’m assuming I inherited it from my older sister. I’ll have to thank her for this later.


Here’s a sleepover Barbie I got towards the end of my career as mayor of Barbie Town. I think she was from 1999 or 2000?? She came with a cool Magic Date ball.


Here she is!!! The last Barbie on today’s list!!! Locket Surprise. Her boobies opened up and you could hide things in them. I think I kept lipgloss in there???

Thanks for reading!!!! Citizens of Barbie Town, if you’re out there, I’m sure you’re still all very successful and I still love you.

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