fashion: padmé’s wardrobe 

It’s 2:00 AM and I’m ALWAYS a slut for Star Wars so I’m trying to plan a Queen Amidala cosplay for NYCC. Episode I’s Padmé Amidala outfits were revolutionary in science fiction fashion, and I have a fierce passion for them. I have so much to say about all of Padmé’s outfits tbh. I haven’t picked one to cosplay yet but I’ll show off a few of my favorites. Maybe I’ll pick one of these to cosplay??? Who knows. The dream would be her most iconic red dress, but that headpiece would be hell to make. 

UGH. Beautiful. Iconic.

Dark. Mysterious. Sexy. Wow.

Okay this one from the end of Episode I is exactly what I want to wear to my wedding. The makeup, the dress, all of it. I love it.

Okay she just looks POWERFUL here, damn. I am in awe.

I take it back, this is the Padmé look I want to copy for my future wedding. Look at it. The dress, the ribbons, even the hair and the headband….. Romantic.

I LOVE THE COLOURS IN THAT FABRIC. Also, look, so soft yet elegant.

Poofy sleeves, scary buns, hot. I actually love this dress. This miiiiight be the one I cosplay.


Even the handmaiden outfit is top tier. Looks comfortable and the oranges in the fabric are to die for.

  Okay cute?!!??!!??! She looks so cute.

  And here’s bae looking sad in a nightgown. But what a fashionable nightgown, holy hell.

Okay, yeah, I still can’t decide which one to cosplay, literally everything she wears is 100% gorgeous.  

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