what I thought about suicide squad!!!!! xD rawr


Sorry about the title of this post…not. I finally got to see Suicide Squad with my own eyes the other day and let me tell you. It was alright. Decent. It was decent. You had to expect that opinion from me, because it’s pretty well known that I live for that cringy 2006 Hot Topic style. I loved the colours in every scene, I loved the character design (besides the shitty Joker, who in fact, looked shitty) and I loved every emo intro with skulls and edgy lettering. Anyway, spoilers? Okay yeah don’t read past this unless you’ve seen it. I guess. Unless you just don’t care. Actually was there a point to telling you not to read anymore? It’s really hard to spoil much because they pretty much showed everything in the trailers, I think.

I’ll start with: Enchantress looked REALLY COOL. Wow. She looked so cool. And I really liked when June first had to transform into her, with the hand flippy thing, like some kind of fucked up magical girl flip flop. It was cool. She looked coooooool.

Secondly, Will Smith always does a good job. Thanks Will Smith for powering through this movie and making it good for me to watch. I love you, Will Smith. Plus the movie really only gave Deadshot a decent backstory so he was like, one of three loveable characters.

Harley Quinn was pretty dang alright. They maybe over did it with showing off how darn sexy she is but I mean, whatever. I expected it. She got a moderately okay backstory but I guess if I didn’t know anything at all about Harley Quinn I would have assumed she was in a really loving relationship because Suicide Squad kind of hella romanticized her and the Joker. There were multiple confusing scenes where the Joker acted like he gave a fuck where she was and how she was doing? Right. I mean he did leave her to drown in *one* scene which is quickly forgotten and never really mentioned. They just seemed like a nice criminal couple who still love eachother after a long day of crime. Which isn’t usually the case with them. Even in the beginning when Amanda Waller is describing them she implies the Joker would fuck you up if you disrespected his queen, meaning Harley. Which usually he does the disrespecting? Idk man. Idk. But I do know that Margot Robbie is ADORABLE and she played her well, especially with the cringy lines she was dealt. “Normal is a setting on a washing machine” Please.. Please……. How much did Hot Topic pay to slide that in the script? Dang.



Were there other characters?? There was maybe a plot.

That’s How I Feel About That.

(Okay for real it was a *fun* summer film and can somebody buy me that Daddy’s Little Monster shirt?)

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