manga: a peach girl sequel was recently announced

Incase you guys were tired of me talking about the Peach Girl manga…

Peach.Girl.full.34039I must have done something really nice recently. There’s no way this is coincidence. My fav manga which hasn’t had ANYTHING NEW in 10 years, is going to get a sequel August 12th. How is this happening to me? God bless Miwa Ueda. Thank you. Thank you.

The sequel takes place 10 years later (yeeeesssss) and the big question is: are Momo and Kairi still together? Well yes. Love is real. And they’re planning their wedding. BUT WILL SAE RUIN IT?!?!

The manga will premiere in Kodansha’s Be-Love magazine in just a few days and it’s by original author Miwa Ueda. THAT’S SO EXCITING. I need it translated to English as fast as possible ;_;

Anyway, y’all should probably just read Peach Girl. I love it and I will never shut up about it.


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