manga: peach girl sae’s story volumes 1 – 3

Hey!! So if you keep up with the manga I read (which, if you’re reading this, you probably do) you know I just finished Peach Girl Change of Heart. I couldn’t believe that was the end of Peach Girl. I had to have more. I was so desperate for more story that I read the spin off starring Sae. The character I hated most.


Anyway, the covers for Sae’s Story are SUPER CUTE, and Miwa Ueda’s art is flawless and beautiful as always. The story was just as addictive as Peach Girl so I read the whole thing pretty fast. The only sad part is that it was only 3 books. And I wish there was more Momo and Kiley in it, but I get it, it’s Sae’s Story, so I gueeeeesss it’s okay that the books focused on her.

OKAY SPOILERS TIME.peach-girl-sae

Book one introduced a new character, a guy from Sae’s childhood, Kanji. He loves Sae. He also gives away Sae’s big secret – she was a sickly child. Awww. Sae is kind of a bitch, a total bitch, but I feel for her here. But when I found out she threw a rock at her dog I lost all feelin’ bad I had for her.

Sae dates some dudes in these books, not Kanji, because she thinks he’s a dork. But Kanji loves Sae no matter what. Even tho she’s a bitchy dog kicker.

Also in Sae’s story it’s revealed she’s never really gotten to enjoy her own birthday – she’s always just gotten hand-me-downs from her older, better siblings. STOP MAKING ME FEEL BAD FOR SAE. SHE’S EVIL.

Back to Sae’s dating life – neither relationship goes well. But Sae is strong and takes each break up very well and had some pretty badass reactions when she realized the guys she dated were douchebags. Does she end up with Kanji? Who knows. The third book ended abruptly – and unexpectedly. I feel like there could be more story there. It ended with Momo, Kiley and Kanji throwing Sae her own birthday party with 19 years worth of her own cakes. Sae realizes they were the only ones that really cared for her, then it ends. ABRUPTLY. Come on Miwa Ueda, more Peach Girl. :3

There was an extra chapter in one of the books that told me a lil’ more about Momo and Kiley’s relationship. Yay. I love it. I’m glad that was snuck in there.

Did I like Sae by the end of Sae’s Story? Yeah. A little bit.

Thanks for reading!!

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