So it’s been like a day and a half since I got back and I’m still recovering (I think maybe I caught up on sleep?) from Connecticon 2016. It went by fast and felt too short like good conventions always doooooo – but I got some good pictures and had a good time overall. There were a lot of changes this year that a lot of people disliked – and I think some things could be changed for next year, but Connecticon sees everyone’s feedback on their group page (and is really good about responding) so hopefully they’ll work on the things people didn’t like. One major difference is that the outside in between the hotel and the convention center was fenced off for people with badges only – and I see why they did that, but I also see why people disliked it. It was especially annoying if you were staying in that hotel and forgot your badge in your room because you couldn’t even get to the staircase without a badge if the elevator was too packed. I wonder if they’ll figure out a better way to sort that out.

Another big change was moving the dance – eehhhhh, not a good change. No one really seemed about this idea, I stayed at the hotel area because I don’t like being far from the hotel (I get nervous, haha) and the friends that went to the dance at the Club Downtown said it was not as good. Oh well, they tried it, it didn’t work out from what I saw, maybe next year they’ll put it back in the hotel ballroom and find a different place for tabletop games.

Anyway!!! This is just the first Connecticon post from our squad, so I’ll throw in some pictures here for you and promise to talk more about Connecticon later. Love ya!

IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5342 IMG_5359 IMG_5367 IMG_5372 IMG_5388 IMG_5389 IMG_5369 IMG_5374 IMG_5378 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5425 IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5441 IMG_5581

Woooo!! There’s the first round of pics for ya, more soon! WAY MORE SOON!! WAY MORE CTCON COSPLAY PICS SOON!

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