anime: bananya

Hi!!! It’s time for me to tell you about the best thing I’ve ever watched: Bananya. You love cats? You love bananas? You love cuuuuuute things?!??! Bananya is for you. 

Honestly though, I needed this positive cute lil anime in my life. The episodes are short and VERY GOOD at cheering me up. Just look. A kitten in a banana. Omg. 

The animation is adorable & clean and reminds me a lot of Neko Atsume, the best app in the world (well, tied with Pokemon go). Also with the short episodes, I can chill and watch it when I have only a few min and then I’m happy for the rest of the day. CATS. IN. BANANAS. 

And at the end of the episode, it shows you a picture of a real cute cat. What a bonus!! 

AND THERE’S PLUSHIES!!!! I found one at Connecticon and I love him.  

 Watch Bananya on Crunchyroll. Do it. 

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