11 Reasons To Come To Chase Con Expo!

Hey hey cats, posting this on j3nnard’s behalf cause she’s jazzin’ things up at ConnectiCon!!! Here you go!!


1. Why come to Chase Con? Being Saratoga’s Comic Con, the show had to strive to be the best only for it’s local fans and abroad. So that is why each show is different. New guest stars, guest artists, always looking for new vendors and independent artists. New and old panels, keeping some of the original ones to keep the Chase Con Family active and happy!

2. Guest Artists & Writers. Marvel & DC movies are so popular nowadays and they wouldn’t have happened without the artists and writers we bring into our convention. Come meet, talk and have the oportunity to buy their original artwork that has created the worlds you now love!

3. Guest Stars. Many guest stars we bring in you can’t meet without traveling great distances to try to catch them at a show, if they’re even doing a show. We bring guest stars that you might not be able to meet anywhere else.

4. Our Local Community! Our Con provides local fun safe places for kids, friends and family to come together and support charities like Little Warriors International, Saratoga Public Library, and local kickstarters!

5. What’s Saratoga Kids Con?! Saratoga Kids Con is for all ages and it’s only at Chase Con! Even for the big kids at heart! Coloring, mini panels, demo games, prizes, giveaways both days and much more! It’s all FREE! Make sure to stick around on Sunday, which is packed with family-friendly panels and events! Also kids 6 and under get in FREE!

6. Open dress code: Cosplay of all kind is welcome! Anime, Gaming, Comic, Furries, Heroes, Villians,  all Cosplay welcome!


7. Why Buy, what to buy? Comics, collectibles, toys, crafts, local art, board games, magic cards, anything pop culture related you can find at this con! Also don’t forget our many charities!

8. Gaming all weekend! Cooper’s Cave Paintball and Gaming to host tournaments such as Magic the gathering! Arc Way Gaming to host Super Smash Bros. tournaments!

9. Find what you like! Every pop-culture passion is represented at this Con, it’s likely you’ll make a few new friends! Panels, events, photo ops, unique and exclusive art, gaming, guest stars, attractions, food, many lounge areas, drama free Yogibo Zone, just a place to completely enjoy your day!

10. You’re our fun family! We have always strived to create one big family for the whole event. It’s one of things people talk about that is just strong in the atmosphere. A peaceful fun element that only Chase Con Saratoga’s Comic Con can bring. So if you like to have fun, enjoy yourself, spend time with friends and family in safe environment, then this Comic Con and Pop Culture Convention is the only place to be 10/22-23/16!

11. Great priced tickets! We offer great ticket deals for friends and families starting as low as $12.50! Family/Friends packs of 4 as low as $50! Buy online and save NOW! See you at the show!



  1. I would live to see some of the stars from supernatural even if only the minor ones like rob or Richard mark Pellegrino ruth mcconnell. Maybe pple from the lord of the rings. May never happen but a girl can dream lol


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