Local Cons Vs. Far Away Cons

Sooooo y’all know I go to like, every local con around here and a few far away cons a year (this year I went to Anime Fan Fest in NJ, Connecticon in two weeks & NYCC in October). Though both nerdy & fun, they’re really different experiences. Also I wonder if other places have a small con scene like Upstate NY does? Upstate NY seems to have some kind of small convention every few months with the same people attending. Are we just drowning in nerds here or does every state have tiny conventions? I need to know.

Anyway here’s the pros and cons of local cons~


  • No need to pay for hotel. I’m already here.
  • Shorter drive, which is less annoying if in cosplay.
  • All ya friends are there. Get so many hugs in one day.
  • You see the same vendors/artists frequently so you know who to trust for quality stuff.

CONS: (I wish I had some kind of pun for con cons… I feel like there’s a pun here somewhere.)

  • I LOVE EVERYONE ALL THE TIME, But i’m not going to lie, there’s people that don’t like me. And I don’t like them. And at local cons, I see them all time. Woo. *insert cute smile and wave*
  • Same guests. Which don’t get me wrong, I love everyone I’ve met at every con, but it would be cool to get new famous people around these parts.
  • Same vendors….rarely new stuff……..,
  • Same. Thing. Every. Time.
  • And here’s the big one: cosplay contests. It’s really hard to want to compete in a contest if people you know are judging, or if you’re against your friends. Or if someone you know doesn’t like you is judging, even if you have a decent outfit, do you stand a chance? Are the contests around here biased since we’re all friends (or not friends)? Also, two cons around here are using the same judge. Two cons within a month of each other. Say you have a really cool cosplay that you love, you enter it, get nothing, but that’s okay because maybe next time you’ll do better? Sounds good right?? NAH. You get to the next con and it’s the same judge.

Basically I went on that cosplay rant because it’s a BIG ISSUE around here. I know you guys know I judged the cosplay contest at Chasecon so you’re probably like “who the hell is she to talk??” but to be honest, when I judged the adult contest I didn’t know anybody around here who cosplays besides Coty, who was also on the judging panel. So luckily I knew no one in the contest (and even if I did, there were two non-local judges in the Chasecon contest to avoid biased judging). I am judging the children’s contest in this October’s Chasecon, not the adult contest, which is cool because cosplay kids are absolutely adorable and I don’t know any small children. Yay.

But back to the biased cosplay judging issue – other cons around here use the same judges, which is lame because I personally know of one who would have an issue with me (Unknown reasoning – jealousy? I don’t know. but we clash) So say I entered my baddiest cosplay in the next local con? Nah. Not happening. I wouldn’t stand a chance simply based on the judges just being too local and already forming an opinion of me before I even show off my cool as heck cosplay.

Anyway, I’m skipping the next local con because a big good far away (favorite) con is also that weekend: Connecticon. Hell yeah awwww hell yeah alright.

Which brings me to the pros and cons of far away cons~


  • See all your far away friends you get to see once a year! Or twice a year! Wooo!
  • Make new friends. With literally anyone. New people are everywhere.
  • Usually bigger cons bring bigger better cosplays. People bring their best to big cons.
  • HUGE vendor room with all new wild ways to blow money. And new artists!!
  • Basically just everything. Everything about far away cons is good. Except everything on my cons of far away cons list.


  • Uhh.. Don’t get lost in a new city. It’s unlikely because mostly everything you’ll need is probably at the convention center or your hotel, but just be careful. Don’t get lost.
  • Did I mention more money? You are going. to. spend. more. money.
  • Long drive.
  • Somebody has to babysit your cat.

So, I mean, clearly I’m excited about Connecticon. Hell yeah. But this doesn’t mean I *hate* local cons. I love seeing local friends and having a fun day out without worrying about my cat being hungry. I love all the local artists and stuff. I just think there’s a right and wrong way to run a local con. I’m really impressed with Chasecon’s efforts to get new guests into this area & trying to get far away cosplay judges to avoid biased judging. Take notes, local cons. ;D

Anyway thanks for reading my massive rant, see you at Connecticon?!?!??! Hell yeah??!! Alright.



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