Summer Jams 2016

Hey cool cats! Jake Flo here and Im layin down some rad tunes to get your funky fresh summer kickin off right! Got four albums in four flavors to appeal to your summer jam needs so get ready for a nice fluffy post!

First off is new tracks from Weezer’s White Album. this whole album just encapsulates what summers all about. It just radiates a “get out there and rage in the sun” sort of feeling. They really did it right pushing that Weezer style and mixing it with a Beach Boys type of poppiness to create the ultimate summer album. You feel this the best with the album openers “California Kids” and “Wind In Our Sail,” but the real song of summer 2016 rides high with their single “King of the World.” If you’re an old fan of Weezer then this album has its goods, its definitely different but I think people could roll with it well for that summertime feeling. If you like what you hear you can get the White Album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, or pick it up at your local record shop!

Next up is a fresh and fly little EP by New York based indie bros The Strokes. The Future Present Past EP is a futuristic low-fi party dancing around with the laid back vocals of lead man Julian Casablancas. The borderline experimental composition of these songs dips more than just a toe into the pool of a new direction for the group and personally intrigues me to find out what the band has in store for the future. Days after they released the official audio I was still finding myself whistling and humming away the main riff of “Oblivius”. Its just so damn catchy. “Threat of Joy” keeps a nice cruising speed while keeping a familiar tone with some of The Strokes older material. Meanwhile, “Drag Queen” is the real departure here supplying almost vaporwave visuals and abstract lyrics that takes your inner mind for a ride. The EP is wrapped up with a nice remixed version of “Oblivius” done by their drummer Fab Moretti. It pretty much sound like they ran Oblivius through a glass synth and recorded it onto an eight track. Very noice! Check out some of the tracks mentioned below and if you like them you can pick them up via Cult Records.comiTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or at your local record shop!

Blink-182 just slapped down a new single “Bored To Death” and I can for surely say that if you were any bit of a fan of their older stuff, then you’ll be able to get down to this. Its a feelsy song charged by that good ol’ Blink drive that will get that dormant emo corner of your soul rarin’ to go. Check it out along with the rest of their new album “California,” which you can pre-order now or grab it when it launches July 1st via, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, or pick it up at your local record shop!

Last but radically not the least is Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool.” I would have to write a complete novel in order to do this album justice in text but to say the minimum without boring everyone to death (ba dum tss), this album just straight up hails from another dimension where dreams are the true reality and abstract is what is concise and right. This album is not for the average audiophile and is recommended if you want to chill out on a calm summer night and visit a new realm. Whole new level of what Radiohead is capable of, its not just an album but simply put, its an experience in its final form. “A Moon Shaped Pool” opens heavy with “Burn The Witch,” staccato and alert but quickly slows its pace stepping through into the dreamscape with the ambient “Daydreaming.” The solid piano progression is very reminiscent to me of Super Smash Bros Melees’ All Star modes’ Rest Area theme. The album continues with a warranted unwariness and begins picking up pace again with “Ful Stop,” only to come to rest again with the hauntingly gorgeous “Glass Eyes.” This track emanates a feeling I can only describe as exploring the world of Minecraft alone. Quite mysterious. Radiohead marches on with the pattering or pianos and jittering of synths through “Indentikit” and “The Numbers” only to wrap up the album with “True Love Waits.” Another mellow tune that coasts around misty pianos and ambient noises. All in all, “A Moon Shaped Pool” will make you feel some way about life after listening to it. Either you’ll love it or be completely disinterested by it. Either way check out “Burn the Witch” and “Daydreaming” below and it you feel attracted to it then you can grab the album at the official website, iTunes, and a ton of other places including your local record shop!

Thanks for reading Invisible Cat Patrol, let me know what you thought down in the comments and stay tuned for more stellar musical bits in the inevitable future!

See You Starside Space Cats!

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