manga: peach girl change of heart, vol 1-4

IF YOU WANT A WILD TIME, read Peach Girl. Peach Girl was one the first Manga I got into back in like, the year 2000 because it was featured in Smile Mag (Smile Mag had Sailor Moon on the cover that month, so I went crazy for it). Peach Girl is a super pop love hurricane, literally, and this story is so wild that not only did I read the manga, I watched a lot of the anime, and all of the live action drama with subtitles. It’s dramatic and I love it. What kind of story is it?!!??! A love triangle story. Of course it is. Main character Momo has a crush on a boy since like, forever and changes herself to his preferences to get noticed by him, school hottie wants Momo, and Momo’s ‘best friend’ is the worst person on Earth. I know it sounds terrible but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Anyway, I had read all of Peach Girl and I just assumed the story had no end. I never read Peach Girl Change Of Heart because I assumed it was like, an alternate universe story and I’m never a fan of those. I recently picked it up because I’ve been craving some Peach Girl and I figured it’s by Miwa Ueda so it’s probably good. TURNS OUT!!! IT’S A CONTINUATION OF THE PEACH GIRL STORY!! Best thing to ever happen to me. I’m on book four and I can’t wait to read the rest???

Spoilers ahead, only read if you’re Peach Girl obsessed like myself. Or if you don’t care.

Thing number one about Change of Heart: I don’t like Momo anymore. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m not a hormonal teen or if she actually has a bad personality. Maybe it’s not me that’s changed, maybe it’s her. I suppose Momo was always a bit insecure and Sae fucked her up badly so her attitude could be lame because of that, idk. Reasons I don’t like Momo here: In the scene where Ryo attacks her, she’s strong, loyal and fights back. Cool. Also, through the whole book series, which we’re like ten books deep here, she saves herself for someone she loves. She’s dead serious about it. It’s like the whole storyline. But at the end of book four, she tells Kiley she’s okay with being his sex slave even though he loves someone else more than her. Wtf, Momo. I get that you *love* him but is that really special?? Does that sound romantic? Nah. Naaaah. Also Momo has always been kind, and the opposite of Sae, but when Kiley says he loves Misao (who is super nice, helpful and awesome) Momo is contemplating why he does and she thinks “Misao isn’t that pretty” which is really mean of you, Momo. Jeez. Misao is depicted as a little chubby but otherwise very pretty. Maybe I’m offended because I’m a lot like Misao ;_;

Thing I like about Change of Heart: I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TEAM KILEY. I love Kiley. Toji was lame. Fuck Toji. Change of Heart is about Momo and Kiley’s relationship and I am about that. Right now after book four they are going through a rough patch, tho. I am glad Momo loves Kiley but them breaking up makes me sad and I gotta’ go read the rest of the books to make sure they get back together.

Oh and Sae still sucks?? But she’s mostly out of the picture. Cool.

Will I read Sae’s Story next? I feel like that would frustrate the hell out of me because Sae is the worst. THe. WORST.

Ok!! Till Next Time!!!

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