Not All Beer and Skittles: Listen to the Fingernails Singing on the Chalkboard

Hello all and welcome to another addition of Not All Beer and Skittles! This mix is my brutal mix, a lot of noise, powerviolence, thrash, and grindcore! I’m gonna let this mix speak for itself and will instead just post the lyrics so you all know what’s going on here! Hope you enjoy and hopefully I don’t blow out your eardrums!

01. Virgin Mega Whore – Bite Your Fucking Cock Off and Other Amusements
Yeah so, for the most part this record has been wiped off the face of the earth. If you have it, you’re lucky. If not, good luck finding it.

02. Doomsday Student – Bleeding Pioneers
This should have been easy, but it is not.

03. Jenny Piccolo – El Salvador’s Radio Problems
None here, sorry.

04.Blood Brothers – Jennifer
Her heart throb heart throbs 340 beats a minute. Those slit throat confessions licked by randy flames of persuasion, the shaving of bone, the lingering taste of singed enamel.
The negatives, Jennifer. Such uncompromising positions I said, “You don’t need a doctor honey, you need a mortician baby. Because I don’t want your money, I don’t want your favors. This ain’t no blackmail this is for amusement. Don’t shady pasts make interesting broadcasts? And human error is never an acceptable answer, Jennifer.

05. Charles Bronson – Eazy-E is Fucking Dead and I Think it’s Fucking Rad
No luck on lyrics.

06. Angel Hair – Witch Hunt Scene from Star Trek
See a thousand miles away into a mirror on a wall. The stare/the hair on the head for the ball. Better a fashion show than no show at all. Who will wear the shoe when it fits if their clothes are too small? Revolution roll into town, we’re dressing you up/stripping you down. Your shine is the “shit” and it fits like a crown. I’m walking around.

07. Some Girls – You’ll be Happier with Lower Standards
Another fuck in the pocket, I’m drunkest in the flood. Seven Seven Seven
And I am puking devil’s blood, Lord do you love me?
The sweatiest sleep with virgins who sweep. Clean of their pasts and dirt upon me.

08. Caged Bird Songs – Deemed Depraved
Brace for the fall. Lie again wide awake as the sun cuts the curtains and the spinning world gathers speed. Again I’m left cheated from a fall that won’t break every bone in my body and the mistakes I have made. I like the room better dark lacking sensory details. A temporary relief where nothings seen nothing matters. An escape not too different than pitch black dreams where for a time I don’t exist I finally sleep. I don’t think that it’s wrong to fantasize for reprieve because the sins that I’ll pay for will deem me depraved. I know the best I can do is hope that death ends at closed eyes. A pine box end with no remorse for patricide. Peeling of my grey skin like the rocks that don’t suffer. In a race to be free. Life for all of its bother. But I’m here right now ready to be convinced of any reason worth staying to keep the blood in my wrists. Lie down. Shake and hide. I just want to believe in nothing at all.

09. 25 Dollar Massacre – Moby Dick
This time dear, I’ll be the one to admit this feeling we know, it’s been overdone.
Half-hearted goodbyes make for a lovely surprise to those unforgiving.
I’ll take the sharp end of what you call your love and you can call me bitter.

10. Arab on Radar – Biggest Little Prick in the Union
I removed my foreskin to interfere with procedure I tied one end of the rope to the tip of my prick and the other, to the exhaust of my girlfriend’s car “hey” I said “put the peddle to the metal” my girlfriend said I should unionize my dick and all you women must pay dues to get a lick now that I’ve improved the 1st step of the procedure I’ve got a messy, messy, messy girlfriend and I’ve got to wrap duct tape around my cock just to keep it to.

11. The Bled – Get Up You Son of a Bitch, ‘Cause Mickey Loves Ya
The telephone swallowed the child. This is the last time I say your name.
The crackle and hiss from the walls. You smile like a catholic in heat. Just
don’t forget what you’ve done. Just don’t forget. This is the last time that
I say your name. Forget the fuck away from me. The child is sleeping under
the wires.

12. Converge – Fault and Fracture
You were most beautiful as the damage and the trauma. Pounding hard with battered wings of destiny. You were my last great war. You were my heaven ablaze. Riddled with faults and fractures. And I spent my last of days burning my oldest of bridges. And I spent my last of nights killing the best of friends. In the company of thieves, liars, beggers and whores. I’ll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come.

13. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Sugar Coated Sour
What rounding out breaks the silent barrier waiting and waiting. Can I pick your modest waste? I expect no more than a simple regret. Did I stutter, what? did I stutter. yeah, you deserved it and you earned it. Take a bow you deserve it. eat shit you earned it life Would be so much better if you did not exist. and god Bless you fucking queen. what pawns we have Become in this bland little play: sugar. coated. sour.

14. Daughters – Nurse, Would You Please Prep the Patient for the Sexual Doctor
five hundred milligrams of love has me in a disarrayv(the room whitens to the voice of panicked doctors) get this man to the o.r. stat: unconscious time lapse: (the shades rise, call button by body side) in the recovery room i wrote a list of all the ways that you are beautiful. it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

15. Ground Unicorn Horn – Somebody Better Suck This Thing
The Victors stand guard over a kingdom of rats. Featuring Christianity: The other white meat. A catastrophic system failure Of biblical proportions. Thee anti-intellectual dick waving contest. Where rules are overrated Who wants to be young anymore? Push the erase button, dumb fuck. Want some rad science where deuces are wild? Well, what in the fuck do you really like to do for fun? Just hang out and stuff? You know, stuff hanging out
Wave that thing over here, wave that thing over there-Ha.

16. Das Oath – The Great Anything
debone pleasure’s carcass kicked in the corner, just more old scabs scarring under chatter
to gauze the vampirism and draw straws for transplants. it’s competition’s ruse in misuse: the shoe-in for the celeb aristocracy, necromancy, whatever… novel ideas plagiarize
themselves, collect on shelves, and don’t live to tell that nostalgia is cannibalism. who isn’t overwritten?

17. United Nations – No Sympathy for a Sinking Ship
I have to Confess I’ve made my bed, I’ll sleep in it It’s made with compromise
I’ll toss and turn, I’ll twist and shout CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY’S It’s time sail the seven seas I took the money twice, with no regrets But you should think twice before you sign
A check, a letterhead,a contribution to the dead To us the delegates We spend and spend, we see no end And when were shaking hand I’m laughing thinking of the time,  I’ll give you bad advice and you will listen You should think twice Drinking kerosene and striking matches in your teeth Everybody gather round to see which way this goes… All your life you’ve been a sinking ship It’s time to make you rise To make your mind up Sink or swim sinking ship, oh sinking ship You’ll get away with it until they see which way the current drifts So don’t come back again We’ve already seen the story’s end Look for an answer
At the curve of the world  Red eve Goodnight

18. Circle Takes the Square – Crowquill
Nothing’s so lucid as the promise of dreams, but these pills we found just make me sleep.
There’s nothing quite so pure as the written word my dear, so lets have ourselves a little poem. Until the will to speak loses urgency. Our animal indecency in print is so blase.
Its about the bell tower, at the golden hour. Angel of the spires climbs here steel cage staircase spine, angle of desire. Ascend the wrought iron, one by one, wrung by wrung.
Is it the rising roof line that makes me feel so swallowed whole, or the way my body barely pricks the sky, the same as a century’s worth of virgin’s blood that’s passed through my longing veins, scheming to convince my aching mind that pleasure’s got nothing on the miracle of need. Nothing’s so purile as meter and rhyme when you can’t see the ground from that ledge and this perch is so far, far from the nest. Gravity doesn’t grant me the privilege of failure my bough never breaks I don’t stumble into anything so I climb and I carve my initials in the bark with that feather I found but its all so contrived. My genes didn’t bless me with the foresight of a sage but I know how this will end, in apologies and ink on the page. A slowly constructed crow quilled confession of my spirit to all of you,
black waterproof ink scars the board, so hot-pressed, pristine and pure. A slowly constructed manifestation of “to tremble”, as base as a bridge in a song and less like the poem that I promised you. Nothing’s so lurid as haiku-detat on sidewalks in white outlined chalk, all I’ve got is this ink smeared lines. With our voices in harmony, the offering, of a crow quilled threnody.

19. Femme Fatale – Funeral Party
Apparently, there is like several songs called “Funeral Party”, and not one of them is this track. No lyrics found.. I’ll check the actual record booklet when I get those unpacked. Checked, no lyric sheet in my copy… Sorry ya’ll.

20. Crimson Curse – Velvet Flesh Design
No lyrics found, sorry..

21. Ex Models – Zoo Love
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! breeders gettin sloppy and her songs are gettin shorter too, and theyre just into gettin how to fuck like rhinos at the zoo. funky and twist
shake your legs of from me and practice the noise never gets too loud
the oo oh the oo oh, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! and the first time for fun
and the next time for sex and the next time for country and the next time its dead
funky and twist shake your legs out from me and practice the noise never gets too loud.

22. Head Wound City – Head Wound City, USA
This can’t be the place I’ve crawled 10,000 years Past the tyrants, past the tanks To a heaven brought to tears The sky shakes in its skin The sun too sick to shine Like a pair of rotten twins Please vacuum out my eyes Yeah! See the jackals twist and moan Yeah! Telling jokes so tired and old Yeah! To pale oblivion Yeah! Raise a glass! Let’s have a toast! Run! Go back! Run! Oh, beautiful world You had your day But that season’s changed
As quick as it came Welcome to the city of the wretched and plain No one leaves, no one stays Run, run, run to the place where you pray This is Head Wound City, USA Welcome to the kingdom of blasphemy No one stays, no one leaves Run, baby, run to the place where you pray This is Head Wound City, USA Run! Go back! Run!

23. The Great Redneck Hope – Did You Ever Notice That “Stat” is “Tats” backwards? Dude, That’s so Tribal
Nope, none here either.

24. I AM ERROR – Do a Br00tal Roll
We, the cocky little freaks, unite (Good luck) Good luck against Uncle Andross We fly tonight We fly tonight, albeit this is horrible Keep your thumbs on B and R, and we might survive We fly tonight, albeit this is horrible Keep your thumbs on B and R, and we might survive I’m no landmaster; take to the skies I’m no landmaster, I’m no landmaster; take to the skies! I’m no landmaster; take to the skies! I’m no landmaster, take to the skies! I’m no landmaster, take to the skies! You’re becoming more like your father. Too bad he’s a douchebag too. You’re becoming more like your father. Too bad he’s a douchebag too. Can’t win ’em all McCloud.

25. Melt-Banana – Spathic!
Show me samples… Snippety! Spark! the fuse has set in my brain slack flashback on a hat rack that slain insect obtains a cheap pain so i stick a daisy through his head he sneezes just a little bit and i squeeze that socket in my left pocket so confused i cry out my ancient name its Spathic! sticky, tricky, creaky, freaky flit dig it out, pick it out, cut it out
that plain impact contains a free strain no sign is shown at all no pilot came back at last
my fuse clicks, i try to hold in my left side of my brain its spathic “its tragic” and i lie again! so clear false eyes pop out, i take them for my hat so bizarre pure black tears dropped from them i try to swear, but i dont have a God Clash! The fuse has set in my brain
Its just a pint of bee-right its so cheap but no claim or complaint then i feed that tiny thing some peas he coughs just a little bit i dont have any pills i wonder “why not?” too confused i found out i lost my ancient hands its spathic he tells me which side to flit? hes too tiny and just clicking wings split wheres my false eyes? next ones could be mine watch your head its heading straight to yo! spathic flit to the clash!!

26. The Festival of the Dead Deer – Hunting
Take my rifle it’s time son. It’s time you became a man and when you shoot him. When you shoot him down son feel no shame cos he’s not human. I sat and watched em die for the sake of bragging rights ..

27. Drive Like Jehu – Atom Jack
Rats, Handfulla silvers, I just wanted to hop your fence, I wanted to wade,
I wanted to wallow, I wanted somebody to rub my neck. Yeah, you should be
happy to see me, be glad that I’m not dead. I tokk your bullet, anyone
notice? Noone was thrilled to see me again. – Dream your dreams, you’ll
wanna take them back, nobody gives a fuck about what you see. You split
your last atom, Atom Jack.

28. American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost – Please Die
I won’t go because I’ve been there before, and it took twenty years to pick my face up off the floor. I’m not “sorry” if “things” aren’t the “same” but sleepless nights are hardly worth the cheapness of your game. And if you know what I mean then live for yourself, because life is too short to waste it on somebody else. There was a time, and I swear that I cared… I got burned , and now I walk with this fist in the air. I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY SAY, they’re NOT the ones who have to live with the pain. Black Heart Breaking, Broken Bonds. I should have known all along. Don’t talk to me. I’m as deaf as I am blind. Thanks for making me cheap, and thanks for the wasted time.

29. Touche Amore & Self Defense Family – Circa 95
A real burning question does it matter? When did opinions become lessons? doesn’t matter So you give advice for free does it matter? You couldn’t pay me to agree doesn’t matter Let me paint a perfect picture Let it read like a holy scripture The words that leave my mouth Are just words you can live without Found community a struggle for me It’s a collision, clash and grieve Nonsense screws and breeds Thoughts untethered went lost at sea Cough up a pointless lecture Does it matter? Vomit me more conjecture Doesn’t matter Argue till your left brain dies Does it matter? Presume to abuse my time Doesn’t matter Let me paint a perfect picture Let it read like a holy scripture The words that leave my mouth Are just words you can live without Found community a struggle for me It’s a collision, clash and grieve Nonsense screws and breeds Thoughts untethered went lost at sea

30. Retox – Mature Science
Outside the po(lice) are the thieves in the streets, sucking salvation. Everything is legal somewhere. On vacation. The war waged by the thieves for the thieves, sucking salvation. So stupid is legal here/there. No relation. No adult education, lubricating the driest generation. No adult education, lacks all responsive stimulation.

31. pg.99 – You and Your Lumbering Body of Death
Whoops, no lyrics found.

32. Swing Kids – Situation on Mars
We’ve seem to lost our contact. All connections cut.
Oh Houston do you read? I can’t breathe.

33. Suburbanite – When They Fucking Turn On You
Move along…

34. The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower – Exile On Vain Street
leather whips and metal chains. Nazi hats and sexy regimes. march like cancer into the crow. watch the leopard because he eats his own. everybody in strung out cities
got it in for my head don’t wanna see me good wanna see me nailed up on wood
nailed up on wood. wear my uniform coffin black. wear my hair as short as nails
march, march, march. everybody in strung out cities. got it in for my head  don’t wanna see me good wanna see me nailed up on wood nailed up on wood

35. Sleigh Bells – Straight A’s
Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s! Ain’t no sleep, we want straight A’s!

36. Touche Amore – Hipsterectomy
I’ve got a decent proposition to all the “artists” of Silverlake. The deal is all stop singing when you stop making the music you make. We’re part of a dying movement. But at least we’ve got something to say. The words are, “we’re in shambles, due to those who lost their way”. Now I understand there’s a lure to fitting a certain mold. But bands dropping off the conveyor belt is getting fucking old. So tell all the Lo-Fi rockers, this is a Hi Definition resent. And tell Karen O herself to get on her knees and repent.

37. The Locust – Safety First, Body Last
Don’t you want to know the truth about dishonorable discharge?
For that special one-gun salute to the fellow N.R.A. holes

Yada yada yada yada
Plaster every sore

A question for you my self proclaimed profit, are you angry?
Now you can go from cocaine onto Rogaine in 2.5 seconds
So become your very own post-civilized, flawless, best friend

Microprocessor upon microprocessor upon microprocessor upon microprocessor

Dear fools and barbarians why don’t you ask yourself if you can still recall the Alamo
In this botched blitzkrieg of drive-through culture and sweaty cadaver driven vessels

So call it a lifestyle, but it’s really a filthy fucking traffic jam in
And you won’t say shit even if your mouth is full of it

Hyponagogic logic dictates,
Quite cogently,
That it is your turn to wear the lampshade
Right on time

[Part 1]
Is this fun yet?
Hold those horses, and jump that ass
Slobber slobber and climb up that spine

[Part 2]
Eyes clouded, I, Troglodyte must welcome the sonic cannibals

[Thought transmission Hands did submit]
Moral Masochist
Claimed punishment was always self inflicted

Ruffled feathers graciously accept a life of their own
And a decision has been made to unclog the Artery of short comings

Fundamental Flaw
Firmly in place
Defacing that belgard. Replacing good taste

Finally, a Sense of Stability

So this set of Truths will do
Reset button waiting…
Bartering with Self has taken its toll on long term memory

Bigger Bones took his tonics
Same as always
Turned a few eardrums into mush
Backyard surgery
Wants to be so Socratic
Hideous femur, wry and mocking
Likes things oversimplified
Sent him spinning
Seems like those eyes haven’t been working
Same as always

Nystagmus Weaponry / Non-Lethal Ordinance
Set up the exclusionary zone
Around the perimeter;
Break out the fixed point defense
This shared psychotic disorder brings it own portable esophagus
Subsequently followed by pereception grenades Here come the nitrous oxide
Influenced steroids now
Skin off my back, your meal

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