waifu: miia

If you’re familiar with Monster Musume, then you’ve probably picked a fav Monster Girl. If you’ve picked anyone but Miia, you’re wrong. Miia the Lamia (Snake Girl) is not only gorgeous but out of the monster girls featured in the series, she’s the most interesting. Lemme’ tell you about my snake wife.


22 foot long tail, long red hair with matching pointy ears, cute face, snake pupils and a sassy/possessive personality. She loves main character Kimihito and she shows it every chance she gets. Cuuuuute. ^__^

Miia acts dumber than she is in my opinion. I think she knows more about how to act around humans and ignores that sometimes to get herself into interesting situations with Kimihito.


Is she the best monster girl? Yes. You can’t tell me a centaur or a bird can beat this babe.

Check her out in the Monster Musume manga, (Or the show, but I prefer the manga) but only if you want to see some anime boobies. YOU WERE WARNED.

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