Springtime Easy Listenin!


Hey you cool cats, I’m here today to talk about the band LAKE. They’re a lo-fi indie group hailing from Olympia, Washington. They’ve been a thing since about ’05 with Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore heading the band with primary vocals. You might have heard some of their work on Adventure Time. A version of “Christmas Island” has been the end credits song for AT since the beginning and the song “No Wonder I” was featured in the Season 5 episode “Shh!” as BMO’s favorite song. While their styles slightly differ, Ashley has the voice of a damn angel and Eli’s singing is very mellow and smooth and together they make the band the amazing thing it is. They offer a large selection of seven albums that range from calming jazziness to disco pop to fizzy retro tunes. I’ve been hooked on them for a while now and I’ll post a few of my favorites here. All of their albums can be streamed for free on their Bandcamp or you can even buy some of their albums on vinyl or even cassette tapes on their website! Jake Flo out! Have a great Spring everyone!

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