genericon 2016 pics, yo

I went to Genericon this past weekend with the squad, and you *may* have already seen a few of these images because I tweet like craaaaazy, but there’s a few here I haven’t shown off yet. Enjoy ❤

Ya squad.

Precious Coty Clark as Spike Spiegel. ON A LEDGE.


Coty as Handsome Jack with his baby Claptrap. Coty built Claptrap himself and won a basket of Hentai from the cosplay contest for it. Woo.

That Kylo Ren, damn. Also most of my pics have Coty in them because I was with him all weekend. His makeup game was strong tho, damn.

On Saturday I cosplayed Cardcaptor Sakura but saaaaadly this is the only pic I got. However I would rate this selfie 10/10 I looked good. I guess Coty looked good, too.

 Ayyyyyyy the cosplay contest took eleven years to get started. Oh and I lied, this is another pic of me as Sakura.


 Coty and his cutiest friend Kymberlee in the Cosplay Contest, yeeeeeee.

  LOOK AT THIS MOULIN ROUGE COUPLE?!??!?!?!!!!! LOOK. They did a skit in the cosplay contest and it was flawless.

  And I’ll end this with a pic of Kyle looking fly as hell, just because. Sorry for the lack of pics, was too busy havin’ a stellar time. ;D

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