A New Challenger Approaches!

Heylos! Jake Flo here, new feline in the Invisible Cat Patrol and Im here to share my brain juice on lots o’ things pop culture! This means posts on viyda games, movies, telly shows and music with the occasional dank meme razzle dazzled in for tasty measures. For my intro post I figured I’d toss in a lil review on the sweet 2015 movie Turbo Kid.

Turbo Kid

Set in a spooky post-apocalyptic wasteland in the far off year of 1997, this neat Canadian indie flick follows The Kid who lives day by day searching the wastes for knick knacks to trade for food. He runs into some unexpected trouble and requires the help from some unorthodox characters he meets in his travels.Turbo Kid_2

The story is backed up by a super slick 80’s power synth soundtrack and VHS style visuals that amplify every pink flamingo and high speed bmx chase found in this radventure. Pair that with loads of silly hyper violence and tons of practical props and special effects make this a very bloody and ridiculous memorable feature. This movie can be streamed online or found on Netflix and I give it 10 cat thumbbeans outta 10!

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