video game: dance dance revolution mario mix 

LET ME just tell you immediately that this game is great. I have NO CLUE why it gets the hate that it gets. For starters, the main villain in story mode is WALUIGI, and hell yeah. Waluigi isn’t a side character here, he’s the main villain, the beginning of the whole story and a shitty dancer. And it’s wild.  

 This is an older game, only made for the GameCube back in the popular days of Dance Dance Revolution. DDR was wildly popular in the early 2000’s, and in my opinion it’s time for DDR to rise again. Guitar Hero came back. Rockband came back. Come back for us, DDR.

What sets Mario Mix apart from other DDR games is the fantastic story mode. It was fun, Toad was garbage, I had a great time. It was short but pretty cute. 

THE SONGS WERE LITERALLY THE BEST. I am dying to own the soundtrack. Remixes of Mario songs with good dancin’ beats? Hell yeah. Damn, I loved this game so much.  

Also Bowser’s dance moves are fucking fierce, the end. 


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