pokemon TCG: breakpoint prerelease

Yesterday me & Keith went to the first Pokemon TCG prerelease we’ve ever been to, and it was suuuuUuuuuuuUUper awesome. We were the only ones that went and we weren’t really sure what usually happens at a prerelease but we opened packs and had a great time. I’m ALWAYS pumped for new Pokemon sets. 

Okay so to start off, it was $25 to enter and we got a sweet promo card, 1 pack from the last set, and 8 packs from the new set. Bitchin’. Lemme’ show you the promo card we got, it was an alternate art Trevenant and he’s one of my fav Pokemon.  

SoOoOoooooo all the other packs we opened were great, almost every pack I opened had 2 rares. The art on the new cards is spectacular, no new rules as far as I can see and there’s some new trainers and some reused ones. Can’t wait until this hit the shelves. Wish the Pokemon TCG was more popular ;_; 


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