january 2016 kawaii box

I GOT A KAWAII BOX!!! Very excited about it. Kawaii boxes are pretty much fully packed boxes of random cute shipped out every month you subscribe to it. So cute. And if you are like me, then you love surprises, especially if they’re cute. Lemme’ show you what I got!!

First thing:  

Ramen Candy!! The whole bag is in Japanese, so at first I thought it was a regular bag of ramen until I read the little thank you card that Kawaii box sends. The thank you card lists everything you receive. 

Second thing!: 

  Fat animal stickers!! GOD, I love stickers. You’ll see the sheet is missing some, because I put them on my phone. 

Third thing!!:  

 Stick on nail set!!! Not need a glue!! V. Cute!!!

Fourth thing: 

  A washcloth folded up like a lollipop!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I love it!!!

Thing number five:  

 Pink tape! I love cute stationary and sending letters and stuff. Penpals, anyone? I want to seal letters with this cute tape. 

Thing number six!!:  

 AN ADORABLE CLIP ON ICE CREAM CHANGE PURSE. I needed one and this will match my aesthetic. 

Seventh thing: 

 Cute owl notebook!! Very nice!! Purse sized and comes with pen!

Number 8: 

  HEART NAIL ART!!! This was in packaging but I ripped it open immediately and used them, and good news!! They’re really quality, I’ve had them on my nails for about 4 days and no damage at all, and I spend a lot of time with rubbing alcohol and windex cleaning up video game systems. So I would say these nail stickers are cute and reliable. I’ve gotten tons of compliments. 

Number 10: 

  Squishy cookie keychain!! Much squish. 

NOW FOR ONE OF MY FAVS☆, thing number 11:  

 HAPPY CAT NAIL CLIPPERS!!! I can’t wait to use these because that cat is just so happy. It says “be with me, you are my best friend” on them. Aww. I love them. 

And my super favorite thing, thing number twelve:  

 This perfect cat pen that says “They are our best friends”. Cats truly are our best friends. 

So in conclusion, I’d say that this box comes with a lot more than most subscription boxes. It’s really good stuff too, not cheaply made. The Kawaii box is only $18 with free shipping to the United States. You can get one from http://www.kawaiibox.com!!! 😀

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