manga: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, Volume 3

21a67299d25e68679371999ed4025610Hey!! So a while back when I got the first volume I posted about this manga series, and I am still loving it. Volume 3 came out last month, and I just read it a few days ago so I’ve got some things to say about that.

I’ve been watching the anime but not going any further than I am in the manga so I don’t spoil it, and the manga seems to be pretty close to the anime and I love that. Still not very far in the anime, only 4 episodes in, so if they keep that up there will be a ton more volumes. Hella rad.

~spoiler time~

Before this, Bell has always traveled alone into the dungeon, but in this volume he has help from someone who works as a supporter, Lilliluka. I don’t trust her. She’s shady as hell and she said her own familia doesn’t want her about. Sounds fishy to me but Bell is a nice guy so he just kind of goes with it. Anyway, everything seems great until Bell’s knife disappears. His GOOD knife, the one that Hestia is currently slaving away to pay off. Luckily, one of the waitresses Bell knows is a total badass and gets it back from Lilliluka (who obv stole it to try to sell it). Lilliluka is let off on a warning from the waitresses & Bell doesn’t know anything about what happened. Dammit. Lilliluka gotta’ go, or I will be pissed.

Hestia is SO CUTE in this one. Like all the other ones, but this one has a bit of cute romance in it when her and Bell go on -gasp- a date. I love it. I ship them.

Oh, and there was a pretty sexy goddess hot springs scene, so you know it’s a good anime when it’s got one of those (see also: Tenchi Muyo).


Anyway, I’m always into harem anime and I can’t explain it, they’re just fun and silly I guess. Can’t wait until book fooooooour.

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