videogame: animal crossing amiibo party for the wii u

amiibopartySo you dudes probably know that I really SUPER love Amiibo. I love them. Well this game came with 2!! 2!! And they are really cute so yeah, I bought it. Played it today, lemme tell you how it went.

So if you like Animal Crossing you prob already know that the whole game series is cute. The characters are cute, the music is cute. Cute. Amiibo Party is the same. Very cute. It comes with 2 cute amiibo and some cute amiibo cards. I love it.

The game is long, but it tells you it’s gunna’ be a long time when you first start it. The mini games are not really mini games in the Mario Party sense, more small ones like card guessing games. I was kind of expecting it to be like Mario Party but it wasn’t, it was slower and more chill but I like it that way. I love to play Mario Party, it’s the best, but I also like a nice chill game where I don’t have to focus on destroying my friends. Amiibo Party just made me want to be friendly and nice. It was so chill.

The best way to make money in the game is to use the Stalk market – selling vegetables on weekdays for a different price on each space/depending on what they’re worth that round. It was cool actually & the money does help you win. Not really much else to do. A very easy game and you could probably even eat food while you play it since you don’t really have to get into it and get focused. I like snacks.

It was kind of tedious touching the amiibo to the gamepad every time you had a turn but I mean, that’s cool. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad if I was playing with more than one other person.

Also I don’t know what to do with the amiibo cards but I’m sure i’ll figure that out eventually.

Okay!!! Hope you liked this short vidya game post!! Play it and have fun!!!

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