Not All Beer and Skittles: You Have to Use Your Hands?

Hello all! I know it’s been a long time, and I’ve stalled on a lot of mixes, but I’m back with a mix of 36 cover songs! These are some of my favorite covers, and some (one) I threw in for the hell of it! You’ll have to listen to the entire mix to get to that track though!

01. Cap’n Jazz – Take On Me (Ah-Ha)
Classic tenouttaten nothing more to say.

02. Ceremony – Nimrod’s Son (Pixies)
Ceremony from 2012 is almost unrecognizable from Ceremony of 2015, so this is a gem.

03. The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower – Boys Keep Swinging (David Bowie)
One of the best bands from San Diego, ever. Their sound for INRI changed a bit from their classic Jazz infused punk of their early career.

04. Blood Brothers – Under Pressure (Queen feat. David Bowie)
Blood Brothers destroy this song and it’s probably one of my favorite covers ever.

05. Death Cab for Cutie – This Charming Man (The Smiths)
This cover is just as good as the original, love you forever Ben.

06. Weezer – Velouria (Pixies)
Literally better than the original. Weezer has a thing where their covers are better than their recent albums. Don’t believe me? Check out their cover of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.

07. Swing Kids – Warsaw (Joy Division)

08. Seth Boyer – Lullaby of Birdland (B.Y. Forster)
Love yer beautiful voice Boyer

09. Bright Eyes – Devil Town (Daniel Johnston)
Okay, Daniel Johnston is amazing, and it’s hard to imagine the song not in his quivering vocals that show his true pain, but god damn did Conor Oberst do an amazing job with this one.

10. Far – Pony (Ginuwine)
The fucking best, like, seriously.

11. The Postal Service – Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Phil Collins)
Another fantastic cover by Ben, he can’t do much wrong.

12. Parquet Courts – These Boots Are Meant for Walkin’ (Nancy Sinatra)
Oh fuck yes.

13. The Get Up Kids – Close to Me (The Cure)
Way better than the original, but to be fair I’m not a fan of The Cure at all.

14. Final Fantasy – Peach, Plum, Pear (Joanna Newsom)
Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) is amazing and should be appreciated more.

15. Ex Models – She Blinded Me with Science (Buggles)
I love covers that barely sound recognizable to the original, you’ll see that again soon..

16. Dads – I Never (Rilo Kiley)
Anyone covering Rilo Kiley is okay in my book.

17. Pity Sex – Gigantic (Pixies)
Yes, another Pixies cover.. I know, I know.

18. The Faint – Mote (Sonic Youth)
Sonic Youth was my first musical love, The Faint did a fine job covering this classic.

19. Fast Forward – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)
When your favorite record label does a comp record and every song is amazing it’s hard to just choose one, so I’ve chosen two.

20. The Mars Volta – Back Up Against the Wall (Circle Jerks)
This is what Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez do best.

21. Meishi Smile – Ceremony (Joy Division)
They say New Order, I say Joy Division.. Really it can be either one as they’re pretty much the same band minus the best part (forever love you Ian)

22. Knife City – B3tt3r 0ff 4l0n3 (Alice Deejay)
Did you know, I love 90s dance music?

23. Le Shok – 122 Hours of Fear (Screamers)

24. Ryu vs. M. Bi$on – Policy of Truth (Depeche Mode)
Shout outs to the homie Scottie G funk because RVMB was the shit.

25. Les Georges Lennigrad – Riddle House (The Birthday Party)
Les Georges Lennigrad didn’t get as much attention as they deserved. This is only the beginning of what you’ll hear from them if you keep coming back to these mixes.

26. Joyce Manor – Video Killed the Radio Star (Buggles)
Love you JM

27. Jeffrey Lewis – I Ain’t Thick (Crass)
Jeffrey Lewis and I once talked making our own cartoons, then a few years later we talked Sonic Youth, now I’m just a guy who will walk around LA putting up fliers for any of his shows because he is the sweetest guy around.

28. Invalids – Deadbolt (Thrice)
This is just eem being eem. It’s like eem squared or something..

29. Michael Cera – Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley)
Yeah, that Michael Cera. Honestly, it’s a pretty damn good cover of an old folk song.

30. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – God Only Knows (Beach Boys)
Weezer did it better, but this is a pretty dang good cover.

31. Joie De Vivre – Canaries (Kind of Like Spitting)
Eem at it’s best. You’ll see this again on the 4th wave eem mix I believe.

32. Foxes in Fiction – Tell Me Why (Neil Young)
Neil Young, real american music…

33. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Two-Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Seeing Jeff Mangum (NMH) was a dream come true, this cover came out a little after that and AJJ captures his emotion in the track very well.

34. Matthew Lee Cothran – Better Off Alone (Alice Deejay)
Mat’s a bud, so I had to add his take of this classic ’90s dance song as well

35. Gray Matter – I Am the Walrus (The Beatles)
Emo pioneers (ahem..) Gray Matter is really the band that put me on to The Beatles, yeah, I knew of The Beatles, but I didn’t really care until hearing this cover, then I only loved early tracks from The Beatles. Now, you know, they’re The Beatles so I can’t hate.

You’ll just have to listen to the entire mix to hear this one, and it’s..good..


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