An Intervention: Kyle Does Not Watch Enough Anime

IMG_1735Some people struggle with addiction, and I’m afraid our own Kyle Robison has issues he has to choose to work through on his own. Being his dearest friends, we care and we’re here for him, but we can only do so much. He has to make the choice to better himself. To help him make this choice we’ve consulted an expert on anime, Joseph Delage. Mr. Delage found time between episodes of the killer anime Metalocalypse to help us, and we are thankful.

What makes Joseph Delage an expert on anime? A good question, and an important one. I mentioned before that he’s been watching one of the greatest anime of all time, Metalocalypse. Even watching this anime makes you an expert on anime in general. Trust him.

Kyle called us on Skype expecting it to be just another conversation about eating ass just like every other day, but that was far from the truth. We talked to him slowly about his problem. His problem is college.

Kyle got his Bachelor’s degree last year and is now in graduate school.

Do you know what the number one leading cause of anime avoidance is?

Graduate school.

It hurts me to see Kyle suffering.

Kyle admitted that he sees the problem, and that he sometimes makes time for an alright anime, Hoarders. Hoarders definitely makes the Top 20 anime of all time list and it’s a good start for him. When he’s not spending his time focusing on his graduate school addiction, he’s watching Hoarders and we couldn’t be more proud. To fully get better, Kyle needs to drop graduate school and get into GOOD anime. Twilight Zone. Naruto. And Metalocalypse.

I’m here to talk, Kyle, if you need me. Anyone reading this, please suggest decent anime to Kyle. We can all help him on his road to recovery. And remember Joseph Delage’s beautiful words: “I don’t like the south in temperature or temperament”

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