so I got a loot crate!!! whooooaa!!!

I had a code from Crunchyroll to get a Loot Crate with so I totally checked it out. Thank you Crunchyroll. Anyway, you probably know what Loot Crate is. I love random stuff. I love surprises. I love blind bags and getting little presents. I love it. But I don’t love everything Loot Crate usuuuuallly has in it, so I never subscribed. But this one box was pretty cool, and I hear they have an anime one coming soon? Sign me up. Anyway, check out this box.


Maybe would have done an opening video but I was too excited so I ripped it open fast. That’s the box. It was pretty clear what it was when it arrived in the mail.


This was the first thing in there, WHOAA PRETTY COOL. Dr. Emmett Brown exclusive Pop Vinyl. I like him.


This was the second thing. A replica Hover Board. God, I love this aesthetic. I wish everything looked like this in this, the year 2015. I’d ride this to work. But this is cool and barbie sized, haha. The box was really cool, but the bottom of the actual hoverboard is beefed up a little bit. Damn. Still VERY COOOOL.

lootcrate5 lootcrate6

This is a Sonic Spork. I love Sporks and Doctor Who, so good. Kind of RANDOM XD but i’m into it.


ok here is the shirt and pin they sent and it is THE COOLEST SHIRT EVER with some SOLID ADVICE on it. I love this. But……. Loot Crate thinks Women’s Large means Toddler Small so it doesn’t fit. I’m 5’2 and 120 lbs so it’s crazy that the women’s large doesn’t even fit. I usually order large online because, as an 120 lb adult I’m considered a large in women’s clothing and extra small in men’s. Bruh. Why so tiny. Disappoint. But I love it so I’ll probably cut out the image and sew it on the back of my denim jacket. Punk rock.


Here’s the empty box. That’s all that was in it. COOL BOX. Goodnight.

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