chasecon expo fall 2015

Hey!! so this past weekend we went to Chasecon Expo! it was in Saratoga, NY and it was a good lil’ local con. It’s in it’s first year, which is exciting. Before the con I got a chance to talk to the president of Chasecon, who was  very excited for this event. (I posted it last week. You probably saw it.)


The cosplay was good, the game room was pretty excellent, and as for merch, they had general nerdiness and anime covered. It could really use more artists, but really every con could use more artists. Never enough art, for real. I bought some things and talked to some super nice people. Awwyeaaahh.

I didn’t make it to any of the panels but judging from tweets/instagram the panels were very good. Sad I missed out, maybe next time!!! They looked pretty popular and hella fun.


The show floor was interesting – merch, art, soda, performances, snacks, an impala, a tardis and special guests all in one place. Soda and performances? Yeah, that’s what I said. AND A CON WITH A SNACK BAR? Nice.


Anyway, if you’re local and nerdy, check it out. We def had a good time. (also, see Invisible Cat Patrol’s vine for vines from Chasecon. Woo!) See you next year ~

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