video game: yoshi’s wooly world 

Hey!!! so the news is: I’ve been having a great time with some Wooly Yoshis this week. Yoshi’s Wooly World is fun, cute, imaginative and really puts all of your amiibo to use.

Also, someone (ahhh, I don’t remember who!) described the music as aggressively relaxing and holy hell, they were right. I love it. It’s such a chill game. It’s a good time with a friend and plays similar to Yoshi’s Island.

You have a lot of useable Yoshi options if you have a lot of amiibo, the only ones that didn’t work were the Pokemon ones and Chibi Robo. I really enjoy being inkling girl Yoshi  :3 Also you unlock more useable Yoshis as you save your Yoshi friends in the game.

And the Wooly Yoshi Amiibo are so cute!!

Difficulty-wise: the game isn’t too hard. Some parts are hard to figure out but not so hard it’s stressful so it’s def a relaxing chill game. Play it!!! You’ll have a cute fun time!!! I am having a cute fun time!!!
…how many times did I say Yoshi?

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