NYCC pictures!! wow!!

NYCC was this past weekend and I have been busy ever since… anyway you saw my Sailor Moon merch photos, but here are the good NYCC photos!! It was great!! Possibly the most enjoyable NYCC ever besides that year we were blessed with Gillian Anderson’s beautiful presence. Enjoy.


Ok first, here is the gate that you’ve probably seen all over the ‘net already. But it was a REALLY cool gate. Where are they storing that thing? I want it. 


Upon entering the gate we were immediately greeted by Yu-Gi-Oh and some passionate Yu-Gi-Oh players. Yu-Gi Boooooooooooy.


Who wasn’t impressed by the magic Lego mist???? I walked through it and now I think I can hear Lego Minifigures talk.


There was a car.


The Bandai display is always super impressive. How they do that.


Sailor Moon cosplayers at the Viz Media booth!!!!



Dragon Ball Z  S.H. Figuarts. The Lord Beerus one got me droolin’. That’s not due out until 2016 tho.


PROFESSOR SNAKE!! What is this? I saw the cool Harry Potter displays but I’m not sure what booth we were at. I was tired. Life is hard.


There it is… Large Goku… In the distance….

nycc1 nycc2

Just a couple o’ dudes being dudes. Theeeese guys.

nycc3 nycc4 nycc5

Waluigi… come back.


Possibly the real Johnny Depp…. unconfirmed.


@jeremeyoung was a tomb raider. look at him.


Ahhh! Some very cool Mad Max: Fury Road cosplayers. VERY COOL.


In conclusion the squad had a very good time!!! The only way it could have been better is if our friends Nick & Poptart could have made it and if Gillian Anderson had blessed us with her goddess-like presence once more. Love you, Scully.

Oh!!! And here’s a bonus: the light-up Penis van we saw immediately after exiting the convention center. Thanks, New York City.




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