Sailor Moon Merch @ NYCC

Hey!! So it’s been a super busy week with NYCC happening and all, but here’s a *quick* post about the coooooolio Sailor Moon merch at NYCC. The main reason I attend NYCC is to look at all the cool new stuff coming out. This stuff is cool.

The ~new~ stuff from the Sailor Moon Proplica line:



I love the Rainbow Moon Chalice. It’s gorgeous and I want to hold it. It’s going to be released in February 2016 and it will most likely be around $110 (if you’re super pumped, you can preorder from JList for that amount!)


NEXT is the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Beautiful!! That one comes out a little earlier in January 2016. It’s around $100. The only place I could find to preorder it currently is Crunchyroll.


That’s all I have for you!! I said it was a quick post.

Just kidding. Here are two more NYCC pics of various Sailor Moon collectibles already available. BUT THAT’S IT.



Okay!! Thanks!! Goodnight!!





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