More spooky games!

Hello cat friends!

As you’ve seen, Jen already made a list of spooky games, with some super spooky ones. I thought of a couple more so I wanted to add them here! As we get into October it is the time for horror!

Sweet Home – An RPG that for the most part is the beginning of  survival horror and Resident Evil. ROMs are available, or better yet, you can purchase a repro cart!

Super Famicom:
Clock Tower – Jen mentioned Clock Tower on the PSX, but what about the original? Again, you can emulate it, or you can own a repro cart. It’s a must.

D – Amazing survival horror puzzle game created by Kenji Eno, who was amazing and is forever missed in this genre.

Enemy Zero – Kenji Eno again

D2 – Less spooky but none the less great.

Steam has been on point with horror games, while there’s a few games in the horror tab on steam that I feel aren’t worthy of such label (Extreme Exorcism and Party Hard are two games I was given by the developers, and loved, but they’re not very scary) and while there’s so many I will only highlight ones I think are actually a lot of fun and are going to spook ya.

Only If – Look, this game is strange, it will mess with your head a bit, and it’s free.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy – So, this game isn’t too spooky, it’s mechanics are fun but not done to its full potential. It’s kind of interesting, then it loses its shit. Well, you know I just can’t defend myself on this game. I like it a little, but it’s been a long time. It’s ten bucks, but you could probably get it cheaper on PS2, although I’m assuming this version might have fixed some of the issues of the original.

Outlast – While a little spooky, this game is more tense than it is scary. Although it’s not fun having some giant beast man coming straight for you.

Amnesia – Some say this is the scariest game on steam, and maybe the scariest game ever.. I’d go for this and Amnesia 2 if you really wanna be spooked.

There’s obviously more games, but I haven’t played them, or have seen them but don’t have much of an opinion on it so I’m not gonna talk about them.

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