Waifu: Hestia


Been a while since the last Waifu post, so here’s a real cutie: Hestia from Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?What makes Hestia really great is her loyalty to the main character, Bell. Hestia is a goddess and Bell Cranel is in her familia, and she cares a lot for him. Sometimes so much that she gets jealous of his lady crush Aiz and all of his other female friends. Hestia is hard working and Bell’s happiness is always more important to her than her own jealousy. Hestia has a part time job which is unusual for goddesses because her familia is just Bell, so they’re usually a little short on cash. Another example of her hard workiness is how long she begged for her friend to help her make a weapon for Bell.

Also, Hestia is a totally adorable. Observe.



Hestia is cute, energetic and extremely kind. Definitely a good waifu.


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