Music Reviews From A Musician: Back From An Unintentional Hiatus!

Hey guys! It’s Quinn again. I’m back! My internet has been down and I’ve been running into some personal issues; but, I’m back and I’m ready to give you guys some more music to nod that head to. The Track of the Week is:

Death From Above 1979 – Right On, Frankenstein

This song tickles me in just the right way to make me want to get up and move. Makes you want to sing along and dance until your pants fall off. This is a gem among the several other gems that are this album. Screw it, here’s the Album of the Week:

Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

“Oh Quinn, you can’t make the TOTD and the AOTW the same artist! That’s not fair!” Quiet you, I can do what I want. This album took 10 years to come out and DAMN was it worth the wait. The vocals, the tone, the lyrics, EVERYTHING increased ten-fold from their previous release. Every song gave me the urge to bob my head in a rhythmic fashion. I don’t have many more words for this. Just give it a listen and tell me what you think! I’m @qreilly21 on twitter.

Till next time.


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