Music Reviews From A Musician: Mellow Jams!

Hey guys! Quinn here. There’s a mellow mood in the air tonight to I thought I’d review a mellow Hip-Hop jam today. Today’s Track of the Day is:

Drake (feat. JayZ) – Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music 2

If you’re in a Hip-Hop sort of mood and you’re just feeling mellow, this is definitely the song to put on. If it isn’t raining where you are, try listening to this with Rainy Mood in the background. Not only is it mellow but both Drake AND Jay Z put on a damn good verse. I, personally, don’t really enjoy the rest of Jay Z’s material. Even in this song, it’s a bit on the simple side, but nonetheless it’s a good verse. The second half of the song (or the second song, however you want to look at it), has a completely different feel. It is a bit less mellow, but Drake still kills it. He usually does. 3.5/5 Bronze Medal, great in certain situations. Silverish-gold when in the right mood.

Until tomorrow my friends.


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