Music Reviews From A Musician: Busy Wednesdays!

Hey guys! I’m back with more music reviews today. Wednesdays are going to be especially busy for me because I decided that the Album of the Week would be reviewed every Wednesday, AND the Artist of the Month would be reviewed on the first Wednesday of every month. SO, without further ado, Wednesday, September 2nd’s Track of the day!:

Andrew Jackson Jihad – People II: The Reckoning

This band is fantastic. They were actually one of the front-runners for Artist of the Month, but sadly, another band reared its beautiful head and won. The vocalist, Sean, has the most jealousy-inducing blend of folk twang and punk punch to his voice, it makes me just want to quit. Not to mention his skill on the guitar; hell, the whole band is extremely talented. This song in particular jumped out at me mostly because of the Beatles quotation (listen to the damn song) towards the end. The way he can make the happiest sounding chords into an extremely melancholy tune just drives me to listen to them more. Give this song a peep. While you’re at it, listen to the rest of their songs. They never cease to amaze.

This first week of September’s Album of the Week is:

Chon – Newborn Sun (EP)

The amount of skill demonstrated in this EP is astounding. The amount of pure talent flowing in their veins is what makes Chon such a riveting listen. Although it is completely instrumental and at times very progressive, you will definitely not find any trouble bobbing your head to some of these songs. “But Quinn, I don’t like to bob my head to songs because I’m lazy and don’t want to move!”. Well, in that case maybe you should listen to the WHOLE THING. There are plenty of ethereal sounding songs for your inner love of ambient guitar. Everything in this album is LIVE TRACKED which, in my opinion, adds to the magic of listening to it. This band even has guitar play-through’s of some of the songs on YouTube (I am not going to link them because I would rather not flood the text with thumbnails), to possibly serve no other purpose than to prove that  they can actually play some of the ungodly things they do with their fingers. Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s very difficult.


Streetlight Manifesto

I can already hear my friends sighs of “oh god not this shit again”, BUT nonetheless the show must go on! This is BY FAR my favorite band of all time. I’ve seen them live several times and each time was better than the last. They never disappoint as musicians or as showmen. They’re lineup consists of a vocalist/guitar player, a baritone saxophone player, a tenor sax/ vocalist, a trombone player, a trumpet player, a bassist, and, of course, a drummer. A LOT can go wrong when you’re in a band with that many people. Trust me, I know. Don’t ask me how I know. Just trust me. In this band, nothing seems to go wrong, at least from a fan’s standpoint. They always blend together, they’re always in near perfect sync with each other, and they’re all absolutely fabulous musicians. I literally have nothing but good things to say about this band. They’ve gotten me through dark times with their absolutely amazing lyricism, and through the happy times with they’re catchy melodies and shout-choruses. If you haven’t listened to anything I have posted thus far, this is your time to shine. Give it a listen. 10/10 Platinum Medal in my book.

See you guys tomorrow for the next Track of the Day!


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