manga: no game no life

nogamenolife1OkaY, so I’m a bit iffy about this one. I LOVE video game based & anime, it RULES. So when I purchased Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Amazon nicely suggested No Game No Life. I’m always a slut for new manga. I bought it.

No Game No Life is about a brother and sister who are very antisocial and also they are pretty much the best in the WORLD at video games, so much so that they have become an urban legend. wow. anyway after I read the back and gathered that it was about an antisocial brother and sister, I figured it was pretty much going to have heavily implied incest, because that’s usually how anime/manga goes. WOOOWIE, bingo. It so did. Sucks, because it was SUCH a good story concept and the incest stuff just kind of ruins it. Bruh. But I’ll continue telling you more about how cool the story was, besides that major disappointment.

The main characters are Sora, an 18 year old virgin (they point that out, I guess it’s relevant to the story) and Shiro, and 11 year old cute girl that constantly talks in third person. They are brother and sister and they are really close. They team up to play as one person online, and this person is unbeatable, an urban legend in the world of online gaming. Shiro is so good at video games that she is seen playing with her feet. She cute, even if the speaking-in-third person gets old fast. THE COOL PART OF THE STORY WITHOUT SPOILING TOO MUCH: A god of another world takes notice in their mad skillz and decides they were born into the wrong world. That silly god takes them to his world, a world where everything is decided by games. No war or anything stupid like that. Hell yeah, great plot.

OKAY SPOILER TIME. get out if you actually plan on reading this yourself. I don’t like spoiling things for people. Before you go though, if you are going to read it, heed my incest warning. There is incest. I give it a low score for that alone, but tbh the plot and art were very good 6/10. OKAY now GET OUT.

Moving on. Shiro and Sora accept not being in their world, because this new world rocks. That concept is really cool to me, and they even point it out in the book that usually when people are moved to a new world their main goal is trying to get back. Sora and Shiro give no fucks about that because Earth sucks, and that is really cool. They adapt to this new world almost instantly, scamming people with their game skills. They meet Stephanie Dola who is an heiress that just lost her kingdom in a game – and Sora knows why she lost. Sora uses this information to blackmail her into playing rock paper scissors with him, a game that he was 100% guaranteed to win. He In return, he asked for housing and a favor. She obviously loses and has to give in to his demands. His favor was a sexual one (wow) but Stephanie finds herself crushin’ on him somehow. Stephanie is a cool character, cute as heck, very disproportionate but her style is very cool. Here’s where the fanservice and incest overtones start.


What is pretty ridiculous is that both IGN and Kotaku said the incest was an enjoyable part of the story. I CAN’T GET PAST IT. I want to like this story so much but and 18 year old bro and 11 year old sister being into each other is killing me.

Good things: The plot is good, the characters are amusing, and the art style is very cute. I really like Stephanie Dola.

Anyway, the all games no war plot is very interesting and I have an issue where I can’t not finish a book series because I need to know what happens. I ordered book two and I’ll let you know how that goes.





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