Music Reviews From A Musician: COMING SOON (Also First Song of the Day)

Hello! My name is Quinn Reilly and I’m just starting here at Invisible Cat Patrol. I plan on reviewing albums, EPs and LPs. Basically any genre will be reviewed and (possibly) shit upon. I am a musician myself and I will most likely never even discuss my own music as that seems a bit like tooting my own horn, pun definitely intended. I will try to have Tracks of the Day, Albums of the Week, and Artists of the Month if at all possible (here’s to hoping!). So to start off with a bang, the track of the day is:

Halsey – Control

This song gave me chills when I heard it. Her voice takes on a very haunting guise (no not a LoL joke) that will surely give you goosebumps. Melodic verses and a hard hitting chorus give this song an atmosphere that most artists HOPE to achieve. By no means is this a perfect song, although it comes pretty damn close. Definitely a gold medal in my book. Give it a listen, you will NOT be disappointed.

See everybody tomorrow! (hopefully)


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