anime talk: the devil is a part timer

Ok!! so if you want to watch an anime on the Netflix, watch The Devil Is A Part Timer. I am only on episode 5 but I can say it is pretty good (shout out to Ben for showing it to me! ~) Anyway, when I say pretty good I mean it’s very silly and it’s a good time if you are not trying to get TOO emotional but you still want to watch an anime. But I mean, I’m only on episode 5. It could have some CRAZY twists. Watch it with me.

Anyway, it’s about a mean horrible demon that’s trapped on Earth in a human bod so he gets a job at a fast food place. He seems like a pretty nice guy, actually. What a cutie.

Fav Character?? This girl, Chiho Sasaki! And not just because of the giant anime boobs. She’s adorable and sweet.


The jokes in the show are SUPER GREAT. It’ll make you giggle.

Anyway, it’s available on Netflix and it’s dubbed, the jokes are good, characters are lovable, animation is 8/10 in my opinion and it’s just a gooooooooood time. Watch it!

SORRY this was short, will probably talk about it more when I’m done with all of the episodes!

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