I. Drifting (KOTOR chronicles)

Deep in space, a small ship exits hyperdrive at the edge of an asteroid belt. Its hull is breached, engines severely damaged, and a skeleton crew that is either dead or dying. How this ship arrived at its current position is unknown. But for now, we have no choice but to rely on a lone astromech droid – T3-M4. Our survival is now entirely in the hands of this small droid.

Welcome to the prologue of Knights of the Old Republic 2. A rather bleak introduction, especially when contrasted with that of the first game, but one that is very important as it sets the tone of the rest of the adventure.  It should be noted that the prologue is entirely optional, but very much worth the 10 minutes to play, even if you’ve played this game dozens of times like I have. The quick little 10 minutes really helps build an atmosphere for what is to come, and one instance atop the ship that makes it all truly worthwhile. But enough rambling from me, where were we…

You set off around the tiny freighter assessing the situation. In the main computer room, a body of an old woman is immediately found, but it appears that she is deceased. More than half of the freighter is inaccessible due to the damage it suffered in whatever battle it was in, and the engines system is worse off than initially expected – most notably, the hyperdrive is absolutely destroyed, thus preventing any sort of intergalactic travel.

After exploring around the ship and doing some minor repairs, you enter the cargo hold and finds another droid! Although, it’s sort of broken. Searching the cargo hold yields some spare parts that enables you to get the droid up and operational again, introducing itself as 3C-FD (as an aside, listening to droids have conversations with droids is one of the silliest things ever).

With a companion in tow, it’s time to head outside to the hull of the ship. Taking the lift, you gets placed at the top of the ship. It is there that a few things happen. First, you catch one of the most beautiful views in the game. Through the asteroid field, you see a small, terrestrial planet in the distance, a big chunk of it blown out (this view alone is spectacular and reason alone to play through the prologue) with what looks like a small military installation embedded in it. A sign of hope, most assuredly. That is, until you take a look around and realize the garage bay of your freighter, which takes up about a fourth of the ship, is completely blown out. The situation is much more dire than initially assumed, and now the only thing that you can possibly do is try to fix one of the broken engines and hope that you can make it to the installation through the asteroid field to seek out repairs.

Returning to the inside of the ship, you begin a hunt for useful parts. Coming across the med bay, you open it up to find a body of an adult male named Callus Tek on a medical bed. After checking his vitals, you discover he is in critical condition and needs immediate medical attention to not succumb to his wounds. The last medpack in the room is enough to keep him alive long enough to hopefully get real medical attention at the installation.

You find enough scrap and circuits lying around (most likely blown out from other from less important systems during whatever battle the ship was engaged in) and begin to repair the damaged engine with 3C. With what you have, you manage to repair it just enough for a flight to the installation. As you and 3C make your way to the cockpit, a banging comes from a small storage room adjacent to the cockpit. A heavy, rhythmic banging comes from inside the room. Unfortunately, the door to the room is magnetically sealed and cannot be opened. Hopefully whoever is in there can survive the journey.

Inside the cockpit, you check the navicomputer and find that the only place you can possibly make the journey to is Peragus, the installation you saw atop the ships hull. Turns out it’s a mining facility and not a military installation. Before setting off, it requires you to download the astrogation charts to navigate through the asteroid field. After downloading it, you start the ship up and pilot it through to dock with Peragus.

Once down, an explosion rocks the ship. Smoke billows from further in the ship and clanking footsteps can be heard. As you and C3 head towards the back, he disappears through the smoke and a blaster shot is discharged. Clanking footsteps grow closer as you approach. A silhouette is seen in the smoke, and the last thing heard is another blaster discharge as your systems crash and everything goes black.

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