The New Neopets Art Is So Bad And I Do Not Understand Why


I hate when people say anyone’s art is bad, so naturally I’m about to do that. I’m *sure* the artist that made these is skilled, and creates very beautiful images in their spare time. These images wouldn’t even be that bad, but there was a standard set for the site’s art set long ago. Tbh I don’t understand why Jumpstart can’t meet any of Neopets’ previous standards, they make money from the site and the standards were never very high (God, I love Neopets). For comparison, here is previous Neopets art before the Jumpstart takeover:

goodwow very nice. another one:



Another reason Jumpstart has no excuse for lazy art: THERE ARE SO MANY TALENTED USERS ON NEOPETS THAT WILL DO THE ART FOR FREE. God, make it a “Design a new color!” contest or something. Anything. Just don’t try to pass off things that were done in a very short period of time with little effort for maintaining Neopets quality.

I feel really bad for criticizing the art though, so if you’re the artist, it tbh still looks pretty good. Just…. I miss the old Neopets team and the detail they put into things.

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