ian analyzes knights of the old republic 2 – announcement

one of my favorite games to ever exist is knights of the old republic. it was the first game i ever played on xbox, and was probably the first rpg i ever beat on my own.  it was a fun, engaging adventure, what could be considered the video game equivalent of a summer blockbuster. that’s not to say it didn’t speak to me about certain things it presented – mostly the eternal struggle between good and evil. it was a solid game and wonderfully fun.

but then kotor 2 happened.

that game hit me like a fucking brick. i was never able to really put a finger exactly on what exactly made it so poignant and resonant with me and my life, but within the last couple of years i’ve replayed it a handful of times and each time i play it again, i discover more things i’ve missed, more intricacies of the game. how you interact with your companions, how everyone is broken one way or another, how there is that thread of underlying sadness that hangs over you throughout the entire game. it’s an extremely profound experience, and i’m going to chronicle it here for all of the invisible cats who may be interested in taking a new journey with me, or re-examining a classic game that’s now had some time to age and sit, like a fine wine, except with cool space ships and weird egg-like aliens (yeah, i’m calling you out, bith).

stay tuned.

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