halfass netflix spooky movie suggestions

this will be short & real quick but last night I watched a few ~creepy~ movies on netflix. not sure how long they’ll be on netflix so definitely check. them. out. the first one was Apartment 143. This one is good if you’re interested in paranormal stuffs but it wasn’t too CRAZY SCARY, like it was creepy at bits and very realistic. I mean, if you believe in paranormal stuffs, it was very realistic. it felt very real mostly because it took place in a crappy apartment and like, I’ve been there. living in a crappy apartment, having a bad time. I think we’ve all been there. anyway it was a GOOD MOVIE if you like movies about haunts and hauntings and angry teenagers.

the SECOND one I watched was Neverlake. The end was the creepiest and it took a while to get to the creepy point. I didn’t really understand it totally because I was texting a lot while watching it so I gotta’ rewatch it and focus. but I DID pay attention to the end and the end was creepy as hell and the poetry part of it kind of pulled it together.

this has been HALFASS NETFLIX SPOOKY MOVIE SUGGESTIONS thank you for your time

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