late night spooky stuff: part 1

The other night I was walking home with Jereme. We got about halfway through the woods and he froze. I turned and he said “There’s something there.” I went to reach for him and said “relax, it’s probably just teens smoking in the woods. we’ll scare them off” and he said “no.. it’s something.” I turned and saw it. Standing in the middle of the path, staring. I instantly felt fear, like something around me was afraid. Not like I was, but like something else was. I said “I see it. It’s afraid.” and Jereme took a step towards me. As soon as Jereme took the step, it turned faster than anything could turn, it didn’t take human steps but seemed to run off into the woods. It was too fast so it seemed to be gliding but was shaped like it was running. I said “It ran off into the woods. Let’s go. Probably just teens that heard us being loud.” I didn’t want to scare anyone or even let it know I saw it, I guess. Josh didn’t see it, it was too fast. We kept walking. When we got out of the woods, Jereme asked me what it was. He doesn’t believe in the paranormal, so was it physically there? We agreed to not describe it to each other but to split up when we got home and draw it. Well, here’s our drawings:jensspookydrawing

That one’s mine. The next one is Jereme’s.

fucking similar as hell, right?

Jereme described his as: “Kind of like that, only narrower. And it felt like it was really tall so that’s a guy for scale. And it felt like it was staring at me and kind of hunched over, and was easily the darkest thing in view. And the limbs looked way too thin and long.”

Well? What do you think? What did we see? Have you seen anything like it?

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